Get Your Tint On
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Something Bugging You?


Look Familiar?

Get those *>%+@# Love Bugs off before their icky little guts pit the finish of your car!

The best way is with a pressure cleaning at Baywash Car Wash!

It's a Blast!

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The Baywash Car Wash Difference...

Where SELF-SERVICE CAR WASH does not mean you're on your own! Instead, you're as important to us as your auto is to you, and we'll make sure you are totally satisfied with your car washing experience - GUARANTEED!

Treat yourself to the same attentive service that you lavish upon your vehicle. Only at Baywash, Tampa's Premier Self Service Car Wash.


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SHELDON 6903 Sheldon Road 5 6 Yes No Yes YES
HILLSBOROUGH 8205 W. Hillsborough Ave. 8 6 Yes No No No


Baywash Car Wash, At Your Service...

Baywash is a locally-owned small business, dedicated to serving our customers and the Tampa community for over 18 years.  Each and every day, we strive to provide the best self service car wash that you have ever had, and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

At Baywash, we use only the highest quality cleaning products to ensure that your vehicle receives the best treatment.  Our genuine hog's hair brushes are supple and clean, and we change them frequently to give you the softest, scratch-free wash possible.  If you need a liitle more polishing done to your vehicle, our on-site detailing service will be glad to help you out.

We also offer window tinting services from our subsidiary, Baywash Tint, at our Sheldon Road facility.  Whether you need a nice tint for sun protection or increased privacy, we have the right window film for your application.

If you enjoy your Baywash experience, by all means tell a FRIEND.  If, however, there is anything that does not live up to our promises and your expectations, please, tell USContact us immediately for a complete refund - the only questions we will ask will be 'where did we go wrong' and 'what can we do to make our services better?'

Thanks for letting us be your self service car wash destination.